SAAM Pistol

SAAM Pistol

SAAM Pistol


SAAM Pistol - $3,150

Pistol hunt training and hunting with former Special Operations Instructors who will help to improve your shooting skills with your hunting pistols - scoped and unscoped! Learn your own weapons and their capabilities and what effect the environment has in all conditions from 100-300 yards. Shoot in many scenarios and positions; learn how to use your surroundings to make the shot. 16-20 hours training.

Day one: Basics of marksmanship

Day two, three, and four: Hunt in the AM/PM with SAAM Hunting Pistol training during the mid-day break.

Expect to shoot 140-160 rounds, bring 180 rounds for one caliber or 100 for each if bringing two. Hunting Season and Trophy Fees apply to harvested trophies; see the FTW Trophy Fee List.

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